Updating the market situation of plastic material prices 06-05-2019

Southeast Asia PVC Market
Indian PVC prices are stable after recovering

Overall Trends In Southeast Asia and India, the price of imported PVC follows an almost steady trend this week after rising last week because of improvement in demand from India and limited supply from China. Previously, Indian PVC import prices rebounded after hitting the lowest level in 3 years because many factors have supported Asian suppliers to raise their offer prices.

This week, the East Asian PVC k7 price range remained unchanged at USD860-900 / ton on the basis of immediate CIF payment. A source from a manufacturer commented: "We keep import prices stable in India after selling out most of our export quotas. We are closely watching the bullish trend in China, which is important for forming the picture of the PVC market in Asia in June. ”A Taiwanese manufacturer also keeps offering PVC prices. k67 compared to last week and said: "Demand from India has improved significantly and we have almost sold out in May. Prices may go up in the short term. ”In Southeast Asia, major PVC import prices were stable compared to last week to USD820-910 / ton for K67 ethylene and USD890-900 / ton K67 acetylene, all on the same. CFR South East Asia campus, pay now.