- Factory

In order to meet production needs, TD Hitech Joint Stock Company places factories in Ban Mai Industrial Complex, Que Vo Industrial Park, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province. With a convenient location on an important traffic route, connecting major economic centers such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong, Ha Nam as well as Noi Bai International Airport and international seaports. It is very convenient for import and export of goods, connecting with customers, partners, and big companies in the Northern Plastics Market. With a total area of nearly 2.000m2 factory, including:

  • Manufacturing plant: Designed to have wide area with airy and modern setting with electric crane system, heat-resistant, blower, etc. and modern equipment and machinery.
  • Warehouse system includes: finished product warehouse, packaging warehouse, and material warehouse.
  • Material crushing and grinding room is designed separately from manufacturing plant to reduce noise and dust, to avoid affecting the production process.
  • Corporate office, meeting room, medical room.



- Auxiliary system

In order to ensure the best production process and best product quality, the company designed and installed cooling, pneumatic, crane, air-conditioning systems, etc. surrounding the plant in accordance with technical, occupational safety and aesthetics requirements.

With modern machinery and technology, number of employees working in the manufacturing plant, the requirements of ensuring the working environment with enough clean air and appropriate temperature are essential. Therefore, the installation of air conditioning systems and cooling systems suitable for the plant is a top priority in design and construction of the plant area. These two systems support each other in controlling temperature and humidity at the required level. At the same time, they help to cool, purify the air, filter dust and dirt to provide the oxygen needed for workers.

The compressed air system is a system that generates energy from natural gas and stores such energy for use when needed.

In addition, the company installed a crane system with a load range of 3 tons to mechanize the loading and unloading of goods products, etc. in factories and warehouses to replace the labor force of workers, improve labor productivity in the production lines.