Robot Arms

Robot arms: in order to serve the work, the company equipped with 25 robot arms Hilectron 700TD and 800TD for each model from 160 to 350 tons. The robot arms can pick up product stubs and draw finished products, their rotating structure can help turn the finished products by 90 degrees. The robot arms may increase productivity (20% - 30%), reduce defective products, ensure safety for operators, reduce labor, increase standard products and avoid waste.

Plastic injection system:

Currently, the company owns 25 Hatian Mar Series (MAII) plastic injection molding machines which are 100% brand-new, of which there are one 380T machine, two 350 T machine, nine 250T machine and ten 160T machine

The Mars (MA) Haitian series is an improvement of the traditional hydraulic series, in parallel with efficiency improvement in the production process, the accuracy of products is also enhanced.

Close-loop control, fast speed, the whole machine operates under noise reduction.

Mars (MA) Haitian uses the KEBA (Austria) controller. KEBA-1075 is suitable for production of standard plastic items, KEBA-4030 is suitable for production of complex items. Servo motor responds quickly

With the option of Haitian plastic injection molding machine, we believe that it will create products with guaranteed quality for customers and partners.

In the coming time, TD Hitech will also continue to invest in machinery systems (increasing in quantity and load of machines) in order to meet the needs of the market as well as the requirements of partners.


Parallel with plastic injection machine is auxiliary system including: fuel suction machine, funnel, chiller, heater, etc.

First, the materials will be sucked by the fuel suction machine installed on the funnel from the container onto the funnel.

Drying funnel: Through the automatic material suction machine, the materials are fed into the plastic drying funnel. The heating unit will be installed according to requirements for each type of material, the blower will push the heat into the drying chamber of funnel to help the materials release moisture, save time and accelerate production process.

Control of liquid and solid state of plastics is an important process, affecting the quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to have a chiller - a heater: to heat - chill a quick pressing mold to help the products have a smooth and beautiful look, reduce processing time but still ensure the quality and appearance of products.

-  Conveyor

25 HCNB – 400 W – 3000L conveyors were equipped for the plant to optimize the production process, create a dynamic and scientific working environment, minimize product defects, and help workers to work smoothly, quickly and effectively.
- Assembly

TD HITECH desires to hand the customers the most perfect products. In order to realize that mission, the company is currently implementing the plan to manufacture components and directly assemble components to complete the products.