Vision and Mission


  • With a vision in the next 5 years, TD Hitech will become the leading vendor of SamSung, LG, Brother, Canon ... as well as FDI enterprises in the North in the field of high quality plastic products casting.
  • In the coming time, TD Hitech will also put the current infrastructure system into specialized assembly lines and this is also one of the key services.
  • In addition, TD Hitech is also in the process of researching and offering some high quality plastic consumer products to serve the domestic market as well as to prepare for exporting products to European countries.


  • Offering each member of “TD Hitech Home” a life of material and spiritual diversity.
  • Offering success to customers and partners and contributing to the community and society.

Core values

  • Guaranteed products with high quality.
  • Professional customer service.
  • Creative and effective working environment.
  • United and friendly staff.